Watching the Sunrise Over Lisbon

September 21, 2017

I woke up at 6am to watch the sunrise over Lisbon.

Yep, 6am. Honestly though, I never regret waking up to catch the sunrise. The streets are quiet and free of tourists, and you feel like you have the whole city to yourself. The beauty, the history, the wonder – it’s all just for you. If you’ve never experienced that feeling, I highly recommend setting your alarm. It’s worth it.

I hiked up a ginormous hill to get to one of the best viewpoints in Lisbon. And then I waited for sunrise. It was windy and cold, but I had an old man who didn’t speak English to my left and Mr. Pigeon to my right. So I had company.


Once sunrise began to peak, everything else melted away. I mean, honestly — how is this my life? I literally want an explanation because I feel so blessed to experience this.


After my photography session and a quick breakfast, I headed back to the hostel and fell back asleep for a few more hours. When I woke up, I edited up the photos and continued to figure out my travel plans.

Sneak peak – a surf school and a scuba diving school will be coming your way in a few months.

I then headed to a massive gourmet food court called Time Out. And I was so overwhelmed with the food choices. I made two rounds before deciding on a traditional Portuguese dish – salmon steak with an egg on top and mushrooms underneath.

It was … it was ok. It was a lot of egg.

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