Sightseeing (and Stalking) in Sintra

September 22, 2017

My German friend Karolin and I decided to take a quick day trip to a little town outside of Lisbon on this sunny afternoon. Sintra, not to be confused with Sinatra, is known for their castle on a hill (cue Ed Sheeran) and feels like you’re stepping into a fairyland.

You could purchase a tour to Sintra for about 30 euros, or you could purchase a roundtrip train ride for 5 euros. We did find that everything costs something once you’re there. The buses will cost you about 5 euros and ticket entrance into the various sights will put you back about 20 euros. So we didn’t actually see much, to be honest.

I can’t afford to pay entrance fees to every single castle in Europe. I would be broke so fast.

Along the bus route, I found the cutest couple. And maybe stalked them just a little. But can we just discuss relationship goals? Because maaauw.


After we left Sintra and returned back to Lisbon, the plan was to go to our respective hostels and meet back up later to listen to traditional Portuguese music called Fado.

We planned to meet up at Tasco do Chico at 10:15pm. Little did we know, there were two Tasco do Chicos in Lisbon. And we did not go to the same one. Luckily for me, Alfama was having a Fado music festival! So that was super convenient.

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