I’ll Always Find a Botanical Garden

December 24, 2017

Ever since I was little girl (no, not three days ago – though it sometimes feels like it), I’ve loved gardening. Seeing something that you’ve tenderly cared for and watching it bloom is a really satisfying feeling. I can still remember the horror of seeing my little trenched garden drowning in water during a flash flood. Being about 12-years-old and crying, my dad zipped up his rain jacket and carried a small bucket out to the backyard. He scooped out the water to my baby veggie plants until they could breathe again.

I miss that little garden.

While being on this trip, it’s been such an incredible opportunity to see different kinds of plant species. The most interesting countries were Costa Rica and Indonesia. I got to see plants that I’ve never even seen before.

Whenever there’s an opportunity to see a botanical garden, I jump at the chance. I love walking through a park filled with beautiful flowers. How could you not?

botanical garden

It might seem a bit hippie of me, but I always feel refreshed after spending time in the company of flowers.

After my walk, I went to the State Library of NSW. I had walked by before and noticed that they were doing a free photography exhibition, so I thought I’d stop in.

Turns out the exhibition was involving photojournalism for the Sydney Morning Herald. The exhibit was called Photos1440, and came from the concept that, “There are 1440 minutes in a day. In each of these minutes, a single moment has the potential to be captured and live on forever. ”

I found the whole thing to be very intriguing and thought-provoking. The photos ranged from portraits to travel to landscapes. It renewed a spark of interest that I have in the idea of photojournalism. I have a hard time with the idea, however, because I often hate the politics that are printed alongside the photo.

Through my photography, I want to express the human condition – not cause further division.

One quote from the exhibit that really left a mark on me: “The quest for truth, to observe and capture a defining moment that can transport a reader to another space.”

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    Love the bridge/couple photo. That summer statue photo looks pissed. Somebody broke her heart…loll…

    Your photos are awesome!

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