My Topdeck To-Do List

May 13, 2015

Topdeck To-Do List

When I decided to book the Road to Athens tour with Topdeck, my first immediate question was, “Will this tour help cross things off my travel To-Do list? And how many things?!”

I know, how very Type A of me.

But crossing things off my list isn’t about getting things done and moving on. For me, the list represents the experiences and memories that I’ll cherish forever.

So what exactly is on my Topdeck To-Do list? Keep scrolling and find out!


Wandering inside The National Gallery in London

Topdeck To-Do List

Flickr: Mauricedb

My tour with Topdeck begins in London which allows me the chance to see that great city for a day. When I began exploring my options of what to do, I discovered the Inventing Impressionism exhibit was on display at The National Gallery. Considering Impressionism is my favorite art movement, it was no contest. The thought of seeing Dance at Bougival in person was thrilling. I mainly wanted to see it because Renoir is an incredible artist, but let’s not forget about the Gilmore Girls “Once a flincher, always a flincher” episode.


Eating Under the Eiffel Tower

Topdeck To-Do List

Flickr: Juanedc

I can see it now…

“Meagan, how’s Paris??”

“Oh, you know – I’m just having a picnic underneath the Eiffel Tower. It’s totally casual.”

The gourmet picnic that Topdeck provides sounds so glamorous! And then maybe I can find someone who will have a baguette sword fight with me just like Mary-Kate and Ashley did in Passport to Paris. And then I can die happy.


Discovering the Colors of Barcelona

Everything about Barcelona seems alive and thriving. Just see for yourself in the picture above of Plaça Reial. So it’s no surprise that even their architecture would be colorful and lively. One thing on my Topdeck To-Do List would be to see the Park Güell designed by the world-renowned architect Antoni Gaudí.


Feeding Pigeons in St. Mark’s Square

My whole thought on this is, “If you don’t walk away emotional scarred from feeding pigeons in Venice, did you even go to Venice?!” It’s practically a right of passage in my eyes and is definitely going on my Topdeck To-Do List.


Channeling My Inner Frances Mayes

In the year of 2003, my life changed forever. It was the first time I watched the movie Under the Tuscan Sun and instantly had the desire to see Italy. For years upon years I’ve drooled over Travel + Leisure magazines that picture the rolling hills of Tuscany. After twelve years of hoping and praying, I will finally see those rolling hills with my own eyes. Topdeck is the catalyst in fulfilling one of my biggest dreams.


Shopping at the Ponte Vecchio

When I was fourteen, I made a dream board of all the places I wanted to see, and the Ponte Vecchio made it on the list. Looking at the bridge now, I’m not exactly sure why I’m so drawn to it. It clearly looks like a death trap. I mean, are those just two-by-fours holding it up?? But it’s Florence. So instead of the bridge looking sketchy, it looks romantic. Obviously.


Sailing in the Greek Islands

Topdeck To-Do List

Flickr: Christsiav

And last but not least, the #1 thing on my Topdeck To-Do List — sailing in the Greek Islands! I cannot stress this enough – I’m stoked for this. The idea of sailing around Greece, reading a good book, and occasionally jumping in the crystal blue water sounds divine. Topdeck knows how to travel.


In just a few days I’ll be crossing the Atlantic and crossing things off my To-Do List. It’s my chance to discover the world and to also discover who I am as a person. It’s all very exciting!

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