My Last Train on This Trip

March 2, 2018

Emily and I slept in preeeetty close to our check-out time of 11am. We eventually rolled out of bed, made mediocre advancements to our hair, packed up our little bags, and headed out to find breakfast.

Emily was talking up her favorite pancake place up the road, and I was so excited for an American breakfast. When we got there, I then realized it was a legitimate American chain. Like – The Original Pancake House. They have this restaurant back where I grew up in Dallas. As I flipped through the menu, my eyes darted to the most glorious word I’ve seen in months.


Y’all, I did such a happy dance. And when my waffle actually came to the table, I did an even bigger happy dance. Day made.

If you’ve been following along on my 9-month journey, then you probably already know about my obsession with trains. I personally believe that train travel is the best form of transportation you can do. It’s just so enjoyable!

You know, unless you’re traveling from England to Australia. Then maybe not.


As Emily and I gathered up our bags to head back to Hyangnam, I then realized – this would be the last train I would take on my 9-month trip. And even though I feel very satisfied with my trip and ready to go home, I all of a sudden was flooded with sentimental sadness.

This trip has brought me so many exciting, wonderful, amazing, life-changing memories. The idea of saying goodbye – doing something on this trip for the last time – reminds me that this trip will soon no longer be my present or future. It will be my past.

Annnnnnnd now I’m crying.

It’s almost time to change chapters in my life – ready or not.

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