A Much Anticipated Visitor Finally Arrives

December 1, 2017


If you’ve been following my adventures for a while, then you’ll know that I often crave one thing: the familiar. Being able to experience new things every day every moment is such a unique thrill. But it’s also exhausting. Sometimes I just want the comfort of knowing that Taco Bell is still open at midnight. Knowing that I can buy my favorite brand of conditioner at the grocery store. Or even better, a familiar voice and laugh.

And though I won’t be heading to America anytime soon, part of America is coming to me.

My close friend and coworker from back home flew 24 hours to meet me in Bali, and I couldn’t be more excited about it. We’re about to spend a week of adventure and luxury together.

Y’all. This next week is going to be so good.

Christen didn’t arrive into Bali until 2:30pm. So I thought, “Ok, awesome. Plenty of time to run some errands, get breakfast, get my nails done, and meet her in Kuta.” Question: why do errands always take longer than you think they will?

I began by looking to buy black flip-flops. Nothing fancy, just something that fits my foot. I couldn’t find anything anywhere. My resolve quickly ended when my stomach started growling, so I headed to a super hip, healthy cafe. I got a berry smoothie and a mushroom omelette. It was delicious, but I walked away with most of the blueberry skin caught in my teeth. I love them, but they’re the worst.

I then went to pick up my laundry and get my nails done. When I was ready to head back to my hostel and check out, the afternoon rains began pouring in. Because I had ridden my scooter, my only option was to wait it out.

By the time I finally collected my backpack and got a taxi, the afternoon rush hour was in full swing. Usually Canggu to Kuta would take 30 minutes. But instead, it took me 1 1/2 hours. I love Bali, but their traffic is awful.

But all of this didn’t matter. By the time I opened the hotel room door and heard Christen’s voice, my heart did a happy dance. It’s crazy how someone’s voice can make you feel like you’re home, but that’s exactly what happened. Finally, a piece of familiarity.

We spent the evening catching up, walking along the beach, eating dinner, and exploring Kuta.

I’m so happy she’s here.

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