4-Wheeling Back Roads of Costa Rica

June 15, 2017


Today was my 5th day of surfing, and my progress is completely evident. Though I still have a few lingering bruises, they’re mostly gone. My muscles feel stronger and aren’t sore from paddling against brutal wave breaks. My drop-ins are solid, and I’m now focusing on my turns.

I’m going to say it — it feels awesome knowing how to surf. Feelin’ like big stuff over here. Move over, Alana Blanchard! 😉 totally kidding. Lawd knows I have tons of progress to go.

Witch's Rock Pic

After a full morning of surfing, a few of us campers went on a private 4-wheeling tour around the area with our surf instructor. We went flying across Costa Rican back roads and stopped off at secluded beaches that only the locals knew about. It was basically a dream. I mean, our first beach had horses and monkeys, for goodness sake!

But a very, very dusty dream. With most of the roads being dirt roads, our faces and clothes were covered in dirt. Plus we definitely went flying through any puddle we could find. Cleaning those clothes will be fun. Probably easier to burn ’em.

Every beach was picture perfect. It blows my mind how beautiful the world is. Everything was so peaceful and unspoiled by tourism.

My days in Costa Rica are soon coming to a close. Just a few days more. I have so much ahead of me on this trip, but I’m genuinely sad to leave Costa Rica. I’m refusing to think about it … total denial.

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