I’m Excited About a Mall and Movie Theater

November 14, 2017

I’ve now been staying in Gerupuk village for eight days, and surfing for seven. Not to say that I’ve disliked my time so far – I’ve actually had a really great time. However, a bit of R&R in some good ol’ A/C was just what I needed.

Today was our Break Day, and we had several activities to choose from. One activity stood above the rest for a majority of us: a day at an air-conditioned mall and movie theater.

I am SO all over that.

It took about an hour to get from our village to the mall, but that’s ok. The car was air-conditioned, and we sang along to Shakira and Spice Girls. Luxury transportation, right there.

We made an hour stop at an outlet mall where we shopped for discounted surf brands. I bought a super colorful Billabong skirt for about $10, and I was very happy with that. A little later my roommate and I stopped off at McDonald’s to eat lunch. After having rice and curry for a week, a double cheeseburger was hitting the spot.

Side note: Lately I’ve discovered that McDonald’s can be a hot topic. Some people are very adamant about how much they hate it. But here’s the thing … I really love McDonald’s. Is it the best burger I’ve ever had? Of course not. But it just tastes like comfort.

We then continued our ride to the nicest mall in Lombok, and it was a beautiful thing to walk around in A/C and not sweat. I mean, think about it – I’ve been sweating for about eight days straight. We then headed to the movie theater where we watched the newest Thor movie.

And after that? We found an arcade where we did bumper cars and took silly photos. Naturally. Then I did a bit more shopping and went to Starbucks. Apparently that’s how you know you’re in civilization – they have a Starbucks.

After a lovely, restful afternoon, it was time to head back to the camp for a chill night together.

Bye Starbucks, hello Gerupuk.

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