The Only Plane on the Runway

January 17, 2018

There’s no way around it – today would be a long travel day. Lots of movement and lots of details.

By this point in my trip, I’m so tired of details. Like my gosh, I never want to think about shuttles to/from airports ever again. And because of this lazy relaxed travel planning, I procrastinated to book ground transportation until the last minute.

Gotta keep things surprising, you know?

The travel itinerary today included:

  1. Asking my Airbnb host to drop me off at the Noosa Junction bus station
  2. Taking a shuttle (~$40 AUD) from Noosa down to the Brisbane airport (~2 hours)
  3. Flying from Brisbane to Proserpine (Airlie Beach) (~2 hour flight)
  4. Annnnnnnd figuring out how to get to my hostel once I’m at the airport

Back in the day, I used to over plan absolutely everything about my travel. I knew every detail every step of the way. And to be honest, I needed that. I was new to solo travel, and I found confidence and comfort in knowing exactly what I was doing.

But now I’m tired of planning.

I thought to myself, “Ugh, I don’t want to research shuttles right now. I’ll just book a shuttle once I land at the airport.”

Little did I realize that I was landing in the tiniest airport I’ve ever been to. Ok, not true – that one in Costa Rica wins smallest airport, for sure. But this was 2nd.

As I was landing, I began to panic. “Oh no…” I thought. “Do they even have shuttles here???”



You know those times when you try to be a relaxed person and then it totally backfires on you? Yeah. That felt like me.

I walked into the airport holding my breath. I just reeeeaally didn’t want to deal with a major travel backfire. Or more importantly, I didn’t want to pay for a major travel backfire. Fun fact: Australia ain’t cheap.


But as I walked through the arrival doors and scouted for ground transportation, I was greeted with two shuttle companies. Praise the Lord – I wouldn’t be stranded at this airport. I made it to my hostel, checked-in, had dinner, and watched Dream Girls with my new hostel roommates.

Bed is promptly at 10:30pm.

Oh, also! So I saw The Greatest Showman a few days back, and I’ve been obsessed with the soundtrack. I basically had it on repeat for the entire day.

And then I found this video on YouTube …

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