Echo Beach Vibes

December 10, 2017

Echo Beach

I had two things on my agenda today: 1) drop off my dirty laundry to get washed – super crucial 2) check out Echo Beach.

I’ve heard so much about the iconic Echo Beach. These waves cater to the advanced, so I was simply curious to see the professionals at work. You know, ooh and ahh at geeky things like their technique and cutbacks. I grabbed my camera to snap some photos of the beach and the people, but I quickly realized how creepy that was. But hey, it’s all in the name of art. That makes it less creepy, right?

Echo Beach

My friend Tama joined me with the wave watching, but to be honest, the waves weren’t really performing. I’d heard that the waves were a bit weak lately, but that was super evident when I saw them for myself.

So instead, Tama and I bailed on Echo Beach (I’ll return when the good waves come back), and we instead checked out a local BBQ spot on the beach. You know, that would’ve been a really good opportunity to snap a shot of my food, buuuuut I ate it instead. Sorry not sorry. I never claimed to be a great foodblogger.

Also, I found more puppies to fall in love with. Y’all – I just really want them all. Forget clothes, I’ll be coming home with a carry on full of puppies.


Because I’ll be in Canggu for more than a week, I really wanted to check out the local coffee shops. There’s like a million. I’ve been to a few already, but my research is still inconclusive. I went to another one this afternoon to edit more photos. I’ll get back to you later in the week and show you which ones are my favorite (with supes profesh photos). But for now, here’s my view.


Just sippin’ my iced coffee while I watch farmer’s harvest their rice. Just a normal afternoon.

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