A Quick (and Cold) Trip to Seoul

February 21, 2018

Today Emily and I would be picking up Emily’s mom from Seoul. She would be joining the reuniting crew for the next four days until she flies home on Sunday. But the thing is – Emily lives outside of Seoul in a town called Hyangnam. To get to Seoul, we need to take a bus for about 45 minutes and a train for about 45 minutes. It’s a process.

So I bundled myself up and away we went!


I am SO relieved to have Emily as my tour guide across South Korea. It is not the easiest country to navigate – and this is coming from the girl who has successfully traveled across almost 20 countries and 9 foreign languages. The Korean alphabet ain’t no joke!


So here I am, completely oblivious to Korean (besides saying hello and thank you) and staying in a town where basically no one speaks English. I’ve also been traveling for 9 months and am emotionally, mentally, and physically exhausted.

So yeah, I’m really happy that Emily is my tour guide.


When we were reunited with Emily’s mom Julie, we set off across Seoul to do a bit of souvenir shopping. Emily took us to a traditional part of town where we shopped and stopped for lunch. Today I had 해물순두부 (haemul sundubu) which is a spicy soft tofu stew with seafood. It had a nice kick, and I loved it.


We also ate this waffle thing with vanilla frosting and syrup drizzle. It was amazing. And then we also had these pastries in the shape of the poop emoji with chocolate filling inside. I’m telling ya, State Fair of Texas needs to jump on that.

And then my phone died, so I don’t have any further photos. The process to get home involved a bus, a train, and another bus. By the time we got back, I was so ready to not be cold anymore. I don’t have the bones for cold weather.

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