Whitehaven – the Most Beautiful Beach I’ve Ever Seen

January 21, 2018

I booked a sailboat tour with Providence V, and I was super excited to explore the Whitsundays. The google searches are just stunning, and I was ready to see them with my own eyes.

My shuttle picked me up at 7:00am, and delivered me to the harbor. I checked-in and was on the boat by 7:45am. Even that early in the morning, the sun was scorching. I layered up on the sunscreen and hunted down some shade on the boat.


I usually never have any problems with sailing, but for some reason my stomach wasn’t having any of it this morning. For the first 45 minutes of our trip, I was staring at the horizon and taking deep breaths. The two staff members were super nice and gave me water. The captain told me the ocean would get calmer as we carried on.

After about an hour of sailing, the waves calmed and my stomach finally relaxed. Just in time to enjoy our first excursion: Whitehaven Beach!

If you’ve never heard about this beach before, you should really Google search it. It’s incredible. It’s 98% silica which means it’s crazy white and super soft. I climbed up to the lookout and was rewarded with unbelievable views. The water was so crystal clear, I could spot sting rays and small sharks from up there. Amazing.

After seeing how white the sand was, I got so antsy to stick my toes in it. When we finally reached the beach, my mouth dropped. Never have I EVER seen anything so naturally beautiful. Ever. It was amazing.

Because it’s jellyfish season, I wore a stinger suit just in case. Stylish, I know.


I also got super close to a sting ray! It was very docile, so it was cool to just watch it.


It was brutally hot there. If you ever come to visit, I’d recommend a lot of sunscreen, water, coverings, everything. But beware – the sand is super fine and gets everywhere.

We then got back on the sailboat and had lunch. The lunch was quite yummy. We each got a little box of salad, meat, bread, cold pasta, and some veggies.

We then continued on towards a reef snorkel spot, and swam and snorkeled for about an hour. And before we knew it, it was time to head back home. Thank goodness I didn’t have any more issues with motion sickness.

Overall, the day was absolutely amazing. Worth every penny.

Oh! And I found my yacht!


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