Walking (and Sweating and Surfing) at Noosa National Park

January 16, 2018

The Brazilians and I learned from our mistake yesterday and headed out the door a lot earlier than yesterday. Even still, the Noosa National Park car park was full again. Luckily for us, a car was leaving as we pulled up. It really was just dumb luck. We swooped in and parked.

We looked at the Noosa National Park map, and we tried to pick out a trail. It was 9:30am and already 90 degrees; we weren’t in the mood for a long hike, that’s for sure. We decided on taking the Coastal track over to Hell’s Gates and return back.

Noosa National Park

The views were beautiful. I was absolutely obsessed with the colors of the ocean. The way it faded from teal blue to dark blue as you looked out across the horizon.

We also saw dolphins!! Like honestly, this place is magical.

We made it to Hell’s Gates, and the view was vast and stunning. Nothing but ocean in front of you. It’s kind of weird knowing the next landmass would be New Zealand.

It was also SUPER hot up there. With no shade or covering, we were instantly melting. We decided to head back, grab our bathing suits, and hit that water as fast as possible.

Can we just discuss this clear water? It still shocks me that I can see my toes.

Noosa National Park

I was also able to borrow my friend’s board and catch a few waves. I didn’t have time to grab my rash guard, and surfing in a bikini is very difficult. Blue Crush is a lie.

Noosa National Park

You know what’s a huge fashion trend in Australia right now? NY Yankees baseball hats. I’ve seen them everywhere while traveling through. Today I counted 15. FIFTEEN! That’s a bit ridiculous. “Excuse me, do y’all know anything about baseball??”

By the time we made it back to the Airbnb, I was hot and exhausted. Please pray for me – my room is 90 degrees with no breeze. I might die.

It was nice knowing you.

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