Time for a Little R&R

August 22, 2017

After being wrecked by Sziget, Jo and I were ready for some solid rest and relaxation.

Literal footage of me:


So I started my post-Sziget day by sleeping in until noon.

When Jo messaged me to say that a Thai massage down the street costs $30 for 1 hour, I couldn’t spend my money fast enough. A massage was just what this sad little body needed. And those ladies didn’t mess around with the knots in our necks and backs. Mine was basically digging for diamonds.

But in the end, my body felt rejuvenated.

After our massage, Jo and I kept up with Operation: Restoration by eating some yummy food filled with protein and antioxidants. Meanwhile also guzzling water.


But we didn’t stop there. That afternoon, a few of us headed over to one of Budapest’s most famous thermal baths. We floated and soaked for several hours as we regaled the stories of the week. By the end of the day, my body was feeling brand new.

thermal baths

It’s amazing how much your body will thank you when you’re kind to it.

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