The End of an Era

August 30, 2017

MadridWhen I basically only pack two pairs of shoes, I shouldn’t be surprised when one wears out.

But I mourned the loss of those trusty black sandals regardless.

These sandals were troopers. Never once did they give me a blister or sore arch. Honestly, I would kiss them if they weren’t absolutely disgusting.

Searching for its replacement was no easy task. Mainly because I’m very confused on when stores are actually open in Madrid. Siestas are a very real thing, but they also have special summer hours as well. So that basically means shops close whenever people randomly feel like it.

For instance – I was kicked out of a store for siesta. But how was I supposed to know what time that was?? It was 2:18pm! No rhyme or reason, I tell ya. I was actually a little frustrated because I was holding a shoe that I really wanted to try on. Turns out, I ended up buying those shoes days later. Oh, the inconvenience of siestas.

And now it’s 7:35pm, and I’ve been hungry for three hours. The taco place I want to go for dinner (along with many other restaurants in Madrid) doesn’t open back up until 8pm.

Y’all. I love Madrid. But it’s testing me right now.


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