Day 1 of Sziget Festival

August 16, 2017


It’s no secret that I’ve been looking forward to this music festival for over a year. So now that I’ve finally made it over to Budapest for the festival, you betta believe I’mma be twerking for a week straight.

The best thing about this week? Jo.

Jo was my bunkmate back in London, and we immediately clicked. When we discovered that we were both going to Sziget, our excitement levels went through the roof. Basically – it’s going to be a good week. Like really good.

Before starting the festival, I stopped off and got henna done on my leg. Because if you don’t have 1) a flower crown 2) glitter or 3) temporary tattoos/henna, did you even go to a music festival?


I also had lunch at the most magical, wonderful, incredible cafe of … ever. It’s called Vintage Garden, and I immediately fell head over heels for it.

Once we made it to the Sziget island, Jo and I were drenched in sweat. The weather was rocking a solid 95-100 degrees, and I felt like I was back in Texas.

The festival is 100% overwhelming, but in the best way possible. The island is huge, and there’s so much to see, eat, and do. I’ll walk for maybe 2 minutes, and I’ll find another stage or another dance floor pumping great music. But there’s plenty to do even outside of music. Chill out lounges, huge art installations, outdoor games, wifi hangouts… etc.


I’m not exaggerating when I say this festival was worth the wait.


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