Just Me, a Beach Beanbag, and This Sunset

December 14, 2017

You would think by this point I would be tired of brunch, iced coffee, fresh fruit smoothies, fluffy pancakes, scrambled eggs and bacon … yeah, just kidding. Lawd knows I’ll never grow tired of that. However, today was a bit different – I was specifically on the hunt for waffles. I haven’t had a waffle since Belgium, and my goodness was I craving one.

Google has basically become my best friend in my quest for the best cafes in Canggu. I searched “waffles” into Google Maps and discovered that there was a cafe down the road that did waffles – sweet potato waffles.

Now, I’m a big believer of “if it ain’t broken don’t fix it.” However, I’m also a believer of “beggars can’t be choosers.” So away I went.


MOTION Cafe was super cute and airy. It’s a really easy spot to just walk up and grab a table. Without much hesitation, I ordered the waffle along with a green smoothie. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I drink a ton of green smoothies here in Bali. With a combination of not sleeping well in the hostel and a cough going around, I’m on high vitamin alert.

After brunch I hung around the hostel for a while until I was ready for my next meal. Honestly, I could get used to this life. I went to MyWarung up the road since I was in the mood for some spicy, traditional Indonesian food.

When I ordered the mixed platter, the waitress looked worried and said, “Ohhh, that’s very spicy.”

That concerned me. How spicy we talkin’?

When I inquired about the spice/death level, she elaborated with, “Ah yes, very spicy.” Ok, awesome. That doesn’t help me at all. After much prayer and contemplation, I decided to go for it.


I am happy to report that I can handle Indonesian hot. Tex-Mex trained me well.

I also had a fabulous carrot cake. That’s the end of my story about that, but I thought it was worth noting.

Later that evening, I watched the surfers and the sunset down at Echo Beach. I don’t think I’ll ever be tired of sunsets.


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