A Bit of Brunch

February 4, 2018

It’s official – Tama and I are in such chill moods. We’ve both been pretty hectic lately, and we just can’t seem to motivate each other to do anything productive. More often than not, we encourage each other to not do anything.

We all need friends like that.

So after dragging our feet about checking out of the hotel (at 1pm, mind you), we finally decided to search out some breakfast … brunch … ok, it was definitely lunch territory. And technically I had Oreos for breakfast. I go home in about a month – can you tell that I’ve given up on health until then?

So Tama drove us to one of his favorite cafes located inside of a beautiful, local park. And when I say beautiful park, I mean – inside of a beautiful New Zealand park. I was squealing and freaking out in the car, and Tama was like, “what is your deal??” I apologize for nothing.

Unfortunately I don’t remember the name of the park, nor did I take any photos. I go home in about a month – can you tell that I’ve given up on extensive amounts of photos until then? Sorry, I’ll work harder on that …

Anywho, I was starving and about to chew up the chair I was sitting on. I ordered scrambled eggs on toast with mushrooms. Nom nom nom.

Side note: Did you know that Aussies and Kiwis call arugula “rocket” and cilantro “coriander?” Interesting, huh?

So once my belly was full, I was ready to resume our activities for the day which included a 3-hour car ride to Whitianga. It’s a small coastal town where we would chill out for the next two days. On our drive towards the town, Tama and I did what we do best: dance offs interspersed between deep conversations about social psychology and standards. We dive rurl deep into these convos, often lasting for hours.

By the time we made it to our accommodation, we were exhausted. Mostly from the heavy conversational topics, but also from the car ride. So we made some dinner and watched a movie.

And I get another king-sized bed all to myself! The luxury!

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