Happy National Day of Iceland!

June 24, 2017

I slept for 10 hours last night. I finally feel like a regular human being again. It’s a good feeling.

Because there’s light about 20 hours of the day, I was completely disoriented when I woke up. I looked at my watch, and it said 6:00. But I didn’t recall it ever being dark. Was it A.M. or P.M.?? In my groggy state, I google searched the time. Except I googled, “Costa Rica time” which then led to further confusion. Eventually I just thought “whatever” and went back to sleep.

Luckily it was A.M., and I did not sleep the day away.

Later that morning, I walked to Reykjavik’s town square to join the festivities for Iceland’s Independence Day. The festivities included the Chairman of the City Council laying a wreath of flowers on Jón Sigurðsson’s grave and parades following after.

Once my camera batteries died, I headed to the grocery store to stock up on food for the next several days. Because lawd knows I can’t afford meals here in Reykjavik.

I bought so many things that were 100% not in English. International grocery shopping is a lot like Russian Roulette. I got ground beef and crossed my fingers that it was, in fact, ground beef.

I was sitting in the communal hostel kitchen eating my spaghetti (it was ground beef! *Exhale*) when I stumbled upon a YouTube video that I first saw a few years back. It truly spoke to my heart, and you could almost say it inspired this trip I’m on.

So there I was – sitting in the hostel kitchen, watching the video again, and crying. It’s still so surreal that I’m on this trip. I actually did it.

Weird, right??

Also, I took these pictures the night before. At 11pm. When it was sunset. Mind blown.


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    Cool vid!

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