Port Wine Tour in Porto

September 28, 2017

Let me just state: I am not a wine connoisseur. I know there’s a red, white, and rose. And I know that when you go on wine tours, you swirl your glass and slosh it around in your mouth.


I’m very high-class, I know.

But being in Porto, I really wanted to try the various kinds of Port.

I think my curiosity stems from my love of British literature and movies. I feel like everyone always had a glass of Port in the parlor after their twelve course dinner with lords and ladies.

So I signed myself up for a warehouse tour.

I certainly had no idea what to expect from a wine tour. I felt vastly undereducated for this kind of thing. But I was actually surprised by how much I learned!

I learned why the white, tawny, and ruby tasted differently, the history behind popular brands, and what corresponding foods the wines compliment.

I also learned that I don’t really care for Port. It’s quite sweet and powerful, and I was definitely done with it by the end. But now I’ve had Port in Porto.

And will probably never have it again.

Another Portuguese thing I tried today? Francesinha.

Screen Shot 2017-09-23 at 7.26.35 PM

And woof. It was good, but talk about something that I will never have again.

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