I’m Really Good at Clapping to Irish Folk Songs

October 30, 2017

With all of the sleeping I did and the medicine I took yesterday, I woke up feeling a lot better this morning. Which is great considering I needed to pack up my backpack and catch a bus back down to Dublin.

Again, the bus ride was comfortable and quick. Before I knew it, Bryce and I were back in Dublin.

After having navigated the airport, bus system, and roads, Bryce and I feel pretty comfortable in Dublin. We have our favorite spots, our favorite restaurants. The newness of a city can be thrilling, but it’s nice feeling comfortable in a city too.

Considering I didn’t eat much yesterday, food was the #1 priority for me. I had been craving dumplings for a while, so we looked up the various Asian restaurants in the area. Fun fact – there are quite a few. I’ve found that Dublin is really diverse with their restaurants, and they’re all good.

The dumplings were everything I hoped and dreamed they would be. However, they kind of … stuck around. After several hours, I started to wonder if these random dumplings in Dublin would be the first experience of food poisoning on my trip. However, my stomach was a champ.

The rest of the night was a lot of fun. Bryce and I really enjoy listening to Irish folk songs, and most of our time here revolved around finding it (which isn’t hard in Dublin). Our favorite song is Wild Rover mainly because we nail the clapping part.

We did run into some Americans, some even living in Boston like Bryce. We had good chats with them, and we later watched step dancing. A great night all around.

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