Waking Up For the Sunrise at the Eiffel Tower

July 24, 2017

Eiffel Tower

When my alarm loudly alerted me that it was 5am, I groaned at the thought of getting out of my hostel bunk bed. I also thought very seriously about rolling over and going back to sleep.

But I pushed myself out of bed, threw on my shoes, and headed out the door.

Sunrise in Paris was at 6:09am, and I wanted to be ready for that moment. I did my research of where to find the perfect Eiffel Tower vantage point, and I made my way to Place du Trocadéro.

But apparently so did like 10 other engagement photographers.

Which made me think, “Is there a market for that?” Just think – a photographer who focuses solely on taking photos at prime Parisian spots for international couples. They know the lighting, the angles, and the environment. Someone should really jump on that.

Once my Parisian morning shoot was over, my hostel friend and I nestled down for breakfast with a stellar view. I highly recommend waking up early while traveling. For a brief hour, you can have much of the city to yourself.

Eiffel Tower

After breakfast we headed over to the Louvre where we enjoyed the company of Mona Lisa. It was a little surreal to see her up close. But it was also super weird how many people were pushing to get a selfie with her. Like, calm down.

Meanwhile, I found my favorite artwork in all of the Louvre.


I just can’t with the cuteness.

Also, there’s a major missed connection between me and this gentleman. What I’d give for a Time Traveler’s Wife scenario.


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    Your photos are STUNNING!!!

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