Charged Extra For More Tortilla Chips

July 6, 2017

Ever since traveling abroad, I’ve been skeptical of “Tex-Mex” joints. I don’t trust them. At one point I thought maybe I was being ridiculous, but then I saw this on a menu:


And then I remembered I was being completely rational in my thinking. Mexican bean salad and loaded fries? Seriously? But also, please glance at “The American.” So this is what they think of us …

But it’s been a month. And this girl needs her tacos.

I went with Andrea to Borough Market (this really hip market with food stalls near my hostel), and we had lunch at El Pastor Tacos.

We ordered guacamole to start, and our waiter asked if we wanted tortilla chips with it. That should’ve been our red flag right there. He brought back the smallest little bowl of chips. When we ran out (obviously) and asked for more, we thought that was a perfectly reasonable request.

We were charged $3.50 for another tiny bowl of chips. Umm… where are my bottomless chips, please??

After our bellies were full on overpriced, tiny tacos, we made our way to see Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. And to find that it was randomly closed that day.

So instead, Andrea and I walked across Millennium Bridge and parted ways. She went off to see London Bridge, and I set off to find my own English landmarks: Primark and Topshop.

After traveling for a month, I’ve noticed that certain clothing pieces that I’ve packed aren’t super versatile. I decided to trade out a few shirts for some new ones. Though I was excited to buy new clothes from these iconic UK stores, I ended up buying two shirts from a shop we have in Dallas.

I am who I am.

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