Definitely Not Trespassing in Edinburgh With a Complete Stranger

July 16, 2017

Oooookaaay, let’s define the term “complete stranger.” I had one brief conversation with a guy staying in my hostel before he volunteered to keep me company while I tried some night photography.

On a drizzly evening in Edinburgh, I packed up my camera gear, and we headed off to Calton Hill to get some sweeping shots of Old Town. When we got there, the view was absolutely magical. However, I was having a hard time shooting over the tree line.

I looked over and saw a relatively small construction site. And we definitely did not sneak behind the fence. And most assuredly did not climb up to the 4th level of their scaffolding. And absolutely did not take pictures there.


You know, just a completely boring night.

To be honest, I need to really work on my night photography skills. Really trying to understand the balance of shutter speed and my aperture. But alas, it’s all a learning experience that I’m enjoying. I mean, who gets to learn these lessons while exploring Edinburgh? Hashtag blessed.

Also – I have no proper segue for these next photos, however they must be put in the travel blog:

This is my friend Jason, and he is my spirit animal. Though he was regretfully asleep for the night photography expedition, we basically do everything else together while in Edinburgh.

We also determined that he is my counterpart to all duet dances and (assuming) karaoke.

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