Stop Showing Off, Tamarindo.

June 10, 2017

DSCF3925Today was my last day in Santa Elena. I was really excited to head to Tamarindo (located on Costa Rica’s Pacific coast) to begin my surf school, but I was sad to say goodbye to this little town. I had grown to love the hospitality, the beauty, and the serenity.

If I’m being completely transparent, I cried the first night on my trip. I sat in my little Cabinas Vistas Al Golf hostel bunk bed and cried. The gravity of my decisions weighed heavy on me, and I was so worried that I made a huge mistake leaving home. I fed on so many different fears.

I needed Santa Elena. This town taught me that I was capable of so much more than I thought. It showed me that I wasn’t wrong. I feel incredibly thankful for Santa Elena. As my shuttle drove me down off the mountain, I had new tears. Tears of gratitude.

The shuttle ride to Tamarindo was about 3 hours, and I had the overwhelming joy of listening to a fussy toddler the whole time. The highlight of the trip was our gas station break. It just so happened to have wild parrots chilling in the trees. Like — you should be in the zoo — parrots. I can’t even with you, Costa Rica.

IMG_20170603_163711I arrived at Witch’s Rock Surf Camp tired and hungry. But also suuuuper excited. I have this feeling in my gut that I’m going to love surfing. I hope I’m right. It would really suck if I hate it.

My new roommate and I went to orientation and dinner after. I think I’m going to like Tamarindo. I think I can be persuaded to stay for a week.DSCF3905Also, I totally asked those guys if I could use them in my photo. I was not a creep. Just clarifying.

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