Taking Topdeck | Avignon

May 28, 2015

Avignon was a lot like an illusion. Though the city was absolutely breathtaking, it often felt artificial like an amusement park back home. I would be surrounded by small cafes and cobbled streets, yet I felt largely uneasy. As I walked further into this compact city, I stumbled upon the homeless community there as well. Because Avignon has such a large tourist pull, many homeless people beg for money next door to posh cafes. I was actually followed multiple times by a few homeless men which did not help my uneasy feelings. Ultimately? It’s a magnificent city with a creepy underbelly.


The hostel we stayed at was in close proximity to Avignon which meant we spent the later evening watching ferries float down The Rhine. Such a great highlight. Though the hostel was lacking in a few things here and there, it didn’t matter much since it was a quick stopover. I would not recommend staying at this hostel if your stay in Avignon is longer than two days, however. For a night? Totally worth it.


What I ate in Avignon:

  • Tomatoes and Mozzarella – Pretty dang good considering I’m not the biggest fan of tomatoes! Ha!
  • Lasagna – I realize this is France and not Italy, but I was craving it. It was really good! I’ll have to compare it to Italy’s. Obviously.
  • Cream Puff with Caramel Ice Cream – I mean, do I need to say more? Of course it was amazing.


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