I Stayed on a Fancy Island Resort … for Six Hours

January 23, 2018

Remember that one time in Costa Rica where I booked three nights in a fancy 5-star resort because I was >this< close to having a mental breakdown? Bless my heart, I needed some sleep. Yep, that was a nice experience. Too bad I can’t afford that anymore.

There’s a beautiful place called Hamilton Island, and it’s about a 1-hour ferry ride from Airlie Beach. I hear that it’s lovely and quite luxurious. Filled with resorts, nice restaurants, golf courses, spas, etc. They also have an airport which is the only reason why I’m on this fancy-schmancy island. I figured if I was going to be there, I might as well show up early and enjoy a little bit of it.

I found a cheap flight that took me Hamilton Island > Brisbane > Cairns. My first flight didn’t depart until 2:30pm, so if I took an early morning ferry, I could have a quick look at the island. Two birds, one stone.

I got on my ferry, and they announced that the water was going to be turbulent and recommended taking motion sickness tablets. Considering I had a rough sailing experience just the other day, I figured I should take it. They also passed around puke bags. They meant business.

When we pulled into port, it began to lightly rain. Not exactly beach vibes, you know? Instead I holed up in a little harbor cafe and edited photos.

I had packed a lunch back at the hostel so I didn’t have to buy lunch on the island. Lawd knows it would’ve been expensive everywhere.


I then booked a quick shuttle service to take me to the airport. Since they weren’t busy at the moment, my driver gave me a little tour of the island. Now that’s service right there!

Also, check out my reading material. It’s an article about the hotspots of 2018. Montenegro is said to be “The next big thing.” I’m telling y’all, it’s the place to go. I loved it there.


After two flights, a taxi, and a total of 8 hours – I’m at my hostel in Cairns. And this is my room:


Welcome to the hostel life.

And I get to wake up at 6:30am again for another exciting adventure. Stay tuned!!

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