Spoiler Alert: I Didn’t Do Anything Today

February 26, 2018

I know how this looks – this looks bad. This looks like I’ve given up on exploring South Korea and have resorted to being a lazy hermit in Emily’s apartment.

It looks that way because … well, it is that way.

There are several factors contributing to this general lethargic attitude I have towards leaving this apartment.

  1. It’s really cold outside. The highs barely reach to the low 30s, and I freeze my tush off every time. I have to gear up physically and mentally for this kind of arctic abuse. Have I mentioned I’m from Texas and don’t have winter bones? (… not to be confused with Winter’s Bone)
  2. I’m staying in a town that’s two hours south of Seoul. And because travelers don’t venture down here often, no one really speaks English. So every store sign, menu, bus stop – all Korean. And because they use characters for their alphabet, I don’t even know how to begin pronouncing something. Y’all, I can’t even order lunch – that’s how bad this struggle bus is.
  3. I’ve traveled the world and I’m tired and blah blah blah – you’ve heard the story. But contrary to popular belief, I’m actually an introvert and like to be a hermit. I know, it’s crazy. But just because I’m outgoing, doesn’t mean that I get my energy from it. So being able to lay around and not talk to anyone for hours while Emily is at work? Now that’s a rare thing to cherish.

So. In conclusion – I know how lazy this looks … but I just don’t care 🙂


My day consisted of eating ramen, watching more YouTube vlogs, drinking tea, and continue watching through Oscar nominated movies. Today’s selection was Phantom Thread.

You know those fancy-shmancy movies that you have to turn the volume all the way up because they’re “artistically” quiet? Yeah, that’s this movie. It was relatively boring until the end where it turned casually morbid. Not my favorite movie to say the least.

Anywho – that was my day! And I’m not going to lie – I liked it.

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