Hiking Cliffs and Watching Sunsets

September 16, 2017

Staying at Bura Surfhouse has been such a relaxing and wonderful experience. I don’t know how to perfectly describe it, but I feel the most like myself when I’m near the water. When windows are open and a fresh breeze pours in. When white window curtains dance. When music drifts from room to room. I feel a sense of peace, and I feel like I can hear myself better.

This is the life I want to build:

I had a slow day of eating yogurt and fruit for breakfast, a yummy sandwich for lunch, and watermelon for a snack. I laid out by the pool, jumped in when I got hot, and napped a little.

Around 5pm my hostel friends and I headed off to find the beach path that leads to the top of the cliffs. We were trying to make it to the furthest point for golden hour and eventually sunset.

I had no idea just how stunning this view was going to be.


We had about an hour to kill before sunset, so we ended up taking a lot of silly photos too.

Portugal gave a stunning sunset performance. But once the sun set, we scrammed. It got freezing in 2.3 seconds.


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  • Reply Suzy Olesch September 16, 2017 at 7:38 pm

    Portugal is absolutely beautiful. I can see why you are enjoying yourself.

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