12 Cafes and Counting …

December 16, 2017

Before I left on my trip, many of my friends back home asked if I was nervous about making friends while I traveled abroad. I thought that was a super valid thing to question. I would be traveling for 9 months – how would I make friends? Will I get lonely?

After being in my first hostel for maybe 3 hours, I realized that making friends is probably the easiest part about travel. Everyone is in a mindset to be open, meet people, laugh, learn, grow. These are the perfect conditions to make friends quickly.

However, making travel friends is also one of most bittersweet things I’ve encountered. I call them 3-day friendships. You meet someone, instantly click with them, sight-see a new city together, build memories, and then you say goodbye.

I probably won’t see about 80% of the friends I’ve made ever again. Isn’t that so depressing?? So when I’m able to be friends with someone for longer than 3 days, I hold onto them a lot closer.

I only have four friends that fall into this category: Bryce, Nicole, Jo, and now Tama.

I’ve stayed in Canggu for a total of about 15 days, and Tama will be living in Canggu for about two months. With him living just up the street, I hang out with him almost every day. He is my brunch partner in crime, enables my dessert addiction, and is the one who taught me the basics to riding a motorcycle.

Most importantly, our friendship gives a level of familiarity that I value. And laughter. Canggu wouldn’t be the same without him.

We tried out yet another cafe. This time it was The Loft.


I’m still not feeling very well, so I drank my freshly squeezed orange juice and headed back to my hostel for a nap.

I wish I could give you an exciting, gripping story of what I did for the rest of the day … buuuuut I didn’t do much. I later edited photos and watched a movie.


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