Quick Little Trip to Newcastle

December 27, 2017

Sometimes it’s nice to get away for a bit. Especially when you have a friend who has a car.

One of my friends that surfed with me in Lombok lives in Sydney, and he offered to show me around Newcastle, a city 2 hours outside of Sydney. I’m always down for a little road trip.

The idea was to pack up our things, drive out there, and catch some waves. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t very agreeable. It was drizzling with a slight chilly breeze for most of the day. So instead we drove out there, hung out, and mostly ate.

Y’all. I had a chilly cheese dog for lunch, and it was everything.

Later we sat on the edge of the water and watched a big cargo ship trying to dock. It was so massive and so impressive; I felt like a little kid watching it all.



We then wandered to the end of the harbor where the lighthouse sits. By this point, it was sprinkling quite a bit, and I was getting cold. But nonetheless, it was a pretty view.


My friend Charlie and I are completely incapable of having a normal conversation. We spent the entire car ride and walk through Newcastle discussing the various complexities of life. All very existential and sometimes angsty. It’s nice having friends from different countries, cultures, and world views. You’re able to voice your thoughts, hear new thoughts, challenge your thoughts, ask questions, and really just make you think. One of my favorite quotes comes from Aristotle who said, “It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.”

I think it’s important to ask questions. Not because you want to change your mind, but because you want to understand the mind of others.

So after spending several hours exploring the coast of Newcastle, we made the journey back to Sydney.

I love road trips. Overall, total success.

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