The Beginning: Ready or Not

June 5, 2017

As I roamed the open-air markets of Greece while the sun set off in the distance, I tried to blink back tears. This was two years ago and my first trip across international borders. I had just spent a month in Europe and felt that parts of my spirit were awakening. But with a boarding pass for my return flight home weighing heavy in my backpack, I felt dazed in the hustle of the weekend shoppers.

Being an ever-sentimentalist, I decided that I needed something to symbolize my time on this trip. A promise to return to travel. I stepped into a jewelry shop and searched for a perfect match. My eyes darted to a dainty, bow necklace with shimmering stones. As I clasped the necklace behind my neck, I willed away the tears. From that moment, I knew that travel would be in my future.

Two years later, I have worn that necklace every single day. As I put it on each morning, I remind myself of that promise.

Today I packed that necklace away with all of my other belongings. I tucked it away like I’ve tucked Dallas away in my heart. Tomorrow I fly back out across international waters for another adventure. Ready or not.

The Beginning: Ready or Not


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